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  1. I'm trying to decide if I should change my rings to my right hand. I started a new job recently. I think at Some point someone could ask something like..how long have you been married? Or... what does your husband do for work? ...just as a conversation starter. Actually the other day someone said...."your rings are beatiful." Thankfully she didnt ask any questions. I'm 52, and my husband was killed by an negligent driver. I think if someone were to ask my about him, it would be an awkward moment for both of us. My thoughts are if they see the rings on right hand, they will know the situation, and not ask. The flip tho, is, in not sure if I'm ready to take them off. I'm curious when others stopped wearing theirs?
  2. Any thoughts on how long animals remember their owners after they die? after a year, I wonder if they remember him, and if they wonder why he just stopped coming home
  3. Cae

    The Silence

    Coming home from work to an empty house really sucks. He started work earlier in morning then I did, so also got home first. Driving toward the dark house, knowing no one is there...
  4. Cae

    Not really family

    My husband and I didn't have children together, but from previous marriages, he has 2 sons, and I have 2 daughter's. One stepsons fiance is pregnant now. Due in February. My husband died a little over a year ago. I'm not quite sure what my role as...'widowed step grammie' will be. I'm interested to see how much time I will end up spending with my husband's grand child.

The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.


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