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  1. Cae

    Wells Maine - June 14 - 16

    Hoping to go, I'm about 3 hours away, in vermont. Wouldn't be comfortable driving there tho. Car pool anyone? I would be more apt to shop then kayak. What about a whale watch?
  2. I love "one more day"
  3. This one really gets me...my husband was building an elaborate tree house for an artstudio. His...."castle in the sky"
  4. Yes....love this. I was even gonna post it.
  5. Cae

    introduce yourself here

    Hi, introducing myself. I'm 53, my husband's life was taken by an impatient driver, Sept 10th, 2017. He was 55. He went to work that morning at 6am. Almost 5 hours later, while he was working near the gas pumps at the truck stop he worked at (for 15 and a half years) He was killed. Three things happened to make the driver aggrevated. After the third thing, He pulled away from the pump he was at, at high speed. They determined that from the short distance of one set of pumps to the other, he excelerated to 15 miles an hour. My husband was working near the next set of pumps. he ran right over my husband who was stooped down doing something. There where buckets and cones around him to let people know he was there. Also witnesses say the guy had to sit and wait near where my husband was working for a few minutes before he could get in the gas line. It took just over a year to charge him. 1 year, and 10 days. Of course he pleaded not guilty . Now we have to wait till this October for him to go to trial. Christine
  6. Cae

    A new WIDDA heading your way

    Oh my God, that's terrible. Sorry to hear that.
  7. Cae

    Last name change

    I don't foresee my self changing mine. I want to keep that connection to him.
  8. Cae

    ME-NH-MA Any interest?

    Anyone from nh, vt or Maine still interested in gatherings?
  9. Cae

    Young widows??

    I'm not quite as young as you, leah, but I do live in vermont. I'm 53, and lost my husband September of 2017. Let me know if your interested in talking. Christine
  10. Cae


    tonight is the first night I noticed the widowbago meetings. When you get together, is it just for a hours? Or a whole weekend event? And how often do u get together?
  11. Cae


    Anyone in Vermont or New Hampshire ?
  12. I'm trying to decide if I should change my rings to my right hand. I started a new job recently. I think at Some point someone could ask something like..how long have you been married? Or... what does your husband do for work? ...just as a conversation starter. Actually the other day someone said...."your rings are beatiful." Thankfully she didnt ask any questions. I'm 52, and my husband was killed by an negligent driver. I think if someone were to ask my about him, it would be an awkward moment for both of us. My thoughts are if they see the rings on right hand, they will know the situation, and not ask. The flip tho, is, in not sure if I'm ready to take them off. I'm curious when others stopped wearing theirs?
  13. Any thoughts on how long animals remember their owners after they die? after a year, I wonder if they remember him, and if they wonder why he just stopped coming home

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