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  1. I totally understand. I'm in my 10th year now. It hurts most when his son is hurting. Otherwise for the most part, I'm at peace.
  2. If we don't go through our grief, it will go through us.

  3. I see you also posted in General discussions and got feedback I'm so glad. Sending good thoughts your way
  4. We have addressed this as a moderators and admins. Please avoid posting on his threads. Ignore them. Thank you.
  5. I'm so sorry you haven't received a response! Many of us are far along and allow new people to help each other. yet new people are still finding us. I will speak with our admins and mods about this. Let me say I am so very sorry for your losses. I found your post heartbreaking. I hope when you reach out people will respond. If not. Private message me. I was dealing with situational depression even before the loss of my husband. I take an antidepressant and do therapy as needed. I did a good solid 9 months of one on one grief counseling It was do helpful. I'm aware of people who have had good success with EMDR therapy. I basically just want to reach out and send a virtual hug
  6. I'm in my 10th year now. I finally feel like the earth is under my feet. I thought it was many times over the years. But this is much better. For me, dating was a disaster. Until it clicked with the right person. My true friend. But really it has always been that way for me.
  7. I am sorry for your pain when I started dating, it would often be the very wrong person. It definitely aggravated my grief. My heart goes out to you. And I admire you. I did not have such a strong sense of self.
  8. I thought the same. Heavy burdens right now. May the good uplift you. Sounds like very good timing for the bago. I'm jealous. I've always wanted to go to Maine. Sometimes we feel like sponges soaking the pain around us. I know I have a very sensitive empathy button. It has collapsed me more times than I would like. Often in public. Wishing you some peace as you continue to navigate.
  9. Perhaps this post is better suited for social situations. But if this is the forum you are used to, perhaps you purposely posted here. I'm not sure of what you are seeking here. That said. he is not a troll. He is a member who posts. I think it is good sometimes to remember most of us have had rambles and rants. We don't all agree all the time. There is no reason, in my opinion to comment negatively. Better to ignore the post please. Thank you.
  10. This sounds fantastic. Some good people here. Enjoy!
  11. I was referred to my grief counselor by the Chaplin at the hospital where he was declared. Group was not for me One on one grief counseling was great My grief counselor does regular counseling and medical social work as well. She mostly listened and told me I was doing well. That's what I needed.
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