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  1. Absolutely gutted his words led me to the original board and helped me try to work everything out and explain to my family how i was feeling.A very sad loss
  2. https://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=XoYu7K6Ywkg
  3. https://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=-fesv7_fIve :'(
  4. https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=dpmAY059TTY 2years and almost 6 months but at least my neighbour's love the fact I have headphones.
  5. Happy birthday across hope you had a good one.
  6. Fuck it,fuck it all 21 months and my sleeping pattern is still all to shit I'm still on auto pilot. Fuck it that I've mastered the art of making other's believe I'm ok ,I'm not I'm lost . fuck you I'm bastard tired
  7. http://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=DVg2EJvvlF8
  8. http://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=DVg2EJvvlF we always loved this song and knew he had it right.
  9. http://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=Vg1jyL3cr60 from a young couple loving this and never realising where'd I would end up.
  10. Reading is my escape from reality,Christopher paolini's eragon series is one of my favourites when it comes to fantasy
  11. http://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=3-HxfD0chT4
  12. http://m.youtube.com/?#/results?q=nothing%20else%20matters&sm=1
  13. Someone on the board qouted"Your opinion of me is none of my business" ,or was it a book I read who knows but I like it kinda of a polite two fingers.
  14. http://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=p1Y9ccRg7gw gets me every time no matter where I am.
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