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  1. jennybug

    Sad Loss Of WifeLess

    I'm so saddened and sorry for your loss.
  2. jennybug

    Father's Day

    11 years later and it looks like Father's Day has turned into another Mother's Day for me. I got a "MOM, You're the Best " Dunkin Donuts gift card from my kids. It's the little things...they get it!
  3. jennybug

    Update and photo

    So happy for all of you!
  4. jennybug

    I FINALLY have a JOB!

    So happy for you, Maureen. I haven't checked in here for a few months...and your post jumped right out at me! Great news
  5. I just got goosebumps reading about the wedding. So, so happy for all of you...congratulations!
  6. jennybug

    We have lost one of our own

    I have no words...this is so, so sad.
  7. jennybug

    Mrs. TooSoon and Mr. Adp

    Aww...such a great post to wake up to. Wishing the best for all of you!!
  8. jennybug

    I said yes!

    So, so happy for all of you!
  9. jennybug

    SS Benefits age 16?? Multiple kids

    My daughter turned 18 in October of her senior year. From October to until graduation in June, the payments went directly into her account. My son's payment stayed the same. He is a senior now and his birthday is in November. His payments from November until graduation in June will go directly into his account.
  10. jennybug

    Utterly Devastated

    I have no words...my heart breaks for all of you :'(
  11. jennybug

    Finding Dory

    Finding Nemo is one of our favorite movies...Finding Dory is on our "to do" list. It's one of the few movies my kids (17 year old son and 19 year old daughter) agree on going to with me!
  12. jennybug

    Pictures of me...

    Wow...just noticed my original reply to this post last month. It's over nine years for me (and I said eight)...widda brain still (sometimes)!
  13. jennybug


    I hope to meet Shirley sometime. My kids both tell me that I have full conversations with people I don't even know. Sometimes it's just those few extra minutes of conversation with someone that make such a difference in our lives!
  14. jennybug

    Pictures of me...

    To this day (8 years later) it just doesn't feel right having my picture taken with my daughter and son. For years when I looked at the pictures, I just looked blank. My smiles come naturally now, but I had to force the smile in the earlier years.
  15. jennybug

    How do I???

    It's just over nine years for me. At the time of Michael's passing, the kids were 8 and 10. My long term goal was to just get them through high school. My daughter is now in her first year of college, and my son is a junior in high school. So, I totally understand. It seemed like it would take forever to reach the goal, but it's almost here so I need to set another goal.

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