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So weird, car buying. I went to CarMax for my last purchase a few years back. I'd seen the vehicle online and they shipped it to a closer dealer. I had an existing loan via a credit union on one of the broken vehicles in my driveway. When I applied for a loan for the CarMax car, having the credit union loan wasn't a problem. I got a ride to their place from a neighbor who drove for Lyft; when I got there, the salespeople were disappointed -- they told me a lot of them were hoping I wouldn't come to get the car because so many wanted it. It was clean and low-mileage. I did all the paperwork and drove my (new to me) vehicle home. A few days later, I get a call from the loan people, saying they were not going to approve my loan because of the other one, which wasn't behind or anything. No one could answer me about why it was a problem. I argued that if it had been a problem, they should have never approved me and told CarMax everything was fine. CarMax contacted them as well and somehow, in the background, it got resolved. However, it took about three or four months. Dreadful stress, that was.

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