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10 years on but new to this site

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I'm not sure if I have the right to post on this site because so many of you are newly widowed. When I was widowed at age 48 with 2 children under age 10, I was saved by a chat room like this one. Then one day, when I needed it most, the site was gone, most uncerimonioulsy. So I will tread lightly, but I still need support. Thank you.

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Hi Whyme.  You are most welcome to read and post to this site.  Whether you posted on another site or not!  Are you referring to this predecessor YWBB?  It was taken down in 2015 much to my and many's dismay. How long have you been widowed?  Don't be shy to post for support.  As you probably know..... we get it.\


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I joined YWBB 10 years ago when I was 47. I don’t know what I would have done without it. I met some wonderful friends there. I also met my second husband through that site. Unfortunately, he died 6 years ago. My friends from that site saw me through my worst times. 

This site is much quieter than YWBB, likely due to the proliferation of social media options for support. I still read here often.


It is Christmas Eve and I am reminiscing about past Christmases and missing my guys.  Innocence is lost. Joy is muted. It all feels awkward on holidays. 

I hope everyone can find some comfort during this holiday season.



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Hi - I was widowed at 41 with a baby - and that was 7+ years ago but I still visit here for support and to support others. Welcome...this site and some of the people on it have been a lifesaver to me and my sanity.

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whyme, you are most welcome here. I'm sorry that you need to be here but glad you found us. Please stop in to receive or give support when you want to. 



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Thank you all. Yes, it was YWBB. The connections and support  I got from that site literally saved me. No one understood what I was going through except people who were also on that chat site. I was so devastated when I went down without warning.  So all these years later I found my way out of the Abyss, have remarried, but still miss the husband I lost at age 48. I feel like I have to hide that he existed because I can never talk about him or my grief to my husband. It's an ongoing process. I really have no right to complain because my life is pretty good now, and those newly widowed are suffering so. I'm here to help anyone who is newly widowed since I am 10 years out.  Pease ask me for anything

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