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I am getting married in September.  I will be 53 when we marry.  It is going to be a small (35) family wedding.  I am torn about whether or not to have my father walk me down the aisle.  At my age I don’t think it is necessary and I don’t want my dad to have to dress up or rent a tux or anything like that.  My first instinct is to just walk down the aisle by myself but my Dad is 85 and I wonder if I will regret not having him walk me down the aisle.  Any advice is appreciated.

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Do you feel comfortable starting a conversation with your dad and letting the topic come up amongst other things so it doesn’t feel pressured for either of you?  There are lots of emotions with getting married after being widowed. Your dad might feel honored that you want to share some of your thoughts with him.   

When I remarried, we went to Hawaii and didn’t have any family present. These are your choices to make based on your own circumstances. I think you will come to a conclusion you are happy with!



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Congratulations,  Ronda, and best wishes for the future! 


When I married LH, we walked down the aisle together... it was just our own personal preference, and I preferred the symbolism of it. So, it's just another option.  


If you think you might hurt his feelings by not asking him, that's worth discussing with him. If it's simply a matter of deciding on your preferences, maybe try to really picture and visualize the various scenarios of proceeding down the aisle, and observe how you feel about them?


All the best to you & your spouse-to-be!


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Congratulations 🍾🎈🎉!  Oh what a happy announcement!  

I think if you are fortunate to find another love and you want to marry again, you do it your way!  No regrets!  It’s fresh and a new life.  The traditional wedding seems to be that.  A first time marriage.  We are all so changed from life experiences and wisdom.  We know what really matters now.  You do what you choose.  Your father is 85.  Can’t imagine he would be all wrapped up in traditions, too.  Is he really giving you away?  That is where  that came from, right?  You can honor him at the wedding in other ways if want.   Listed in the program.  A special song.  A thank you read.  Maybe even more meaningful than an aisle walk.  Good luck in what ever you decide.  But what a blessing all the way around. 

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When I got married, there was no aisle, because it was a public park. We assembled, me, my MOH, my parents on one side of and arc, Hubby, his best man, and parents on the other side. The minister asked, "Who blesses this union of Faye and Robert?" and our parents said, "We do."  

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