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  1. Love2fish

    Widowed Jan 16, 2019.

    It has been almost 7 years since I lost DW. I am currently losing NG who has been in my life 2 ½ yrs. for me that “dark swamp” is back but not in the same ways. I survived the journey through it the first time and I will get through it this time.
  2. Love2fish


    My heart breaks for you Ben1437. You are close enough in age to be my granddaughter. I like to think that if I did have a granddaughter in your position that she would be angry. It's a healthy normal reaction to when everything just sucks.
  3. Love2fish

    A new WIDDA heading your way

    Widda is precious to me just now. I re-coupled 2 1/2 years ago. Around the end of September we learned that NG has stage IV cancer. She is fighting but the prognosis is not good. I'd give up bacon sooner than I'd give up WIDDA.
  4. Love2fish

    Widowed Jan 16, 2019.

    You absolutely will survive this dark swamp. I just went through most of what you've posted and I see real progress. The most obvious sign of progress to my eye is that you "hope to be able to help others". A noble purpose gives meaning to life. You are 1/2 way there. Hold onto that attitude
  5. Love2fish

    Need advice first real relationship

    I found NG about 2 ½ years ago. I am losing her already. If I could go back 2 ½ years I would not change a thing. I made that same promise others mentioned. That I would not leave her unless she asked me to. I am very glad I made that promise.
  6. Love2fish

    On line dating vents and laughs......

    Hello Cindy, Thank you for that very lovely opening post. It does the heart good to know you’ve gotten some comfort here at WIDDA. Ive got a hunch that you will do well moving through these horrible early days. Peace and comfort to you in 2019 L2F
  7. I am so grateful that you are doing this WW. And I'm grateful that Myriver is going to be my designated driver. Any wid between North central MA and the bago is welcome to ride with us. We have empty seats in the suv.
  8. I thought my chances of making it on Sat were vanishingly small but they have improved tremendously. The chances now are just small. NG and Myriver both think I should go. Myriver even offered to cover for me at home so I could! NG thinks that it would be a great time for her to visit friends in Monson so if she’s able to ride that far I’ll drop her off and pick her up after. If that’s how it works out we might haul Myriver along with us as well.
  9. Love2fish

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    I forgot to mention. I was also hoping that my condo would not burn down. I am indebted to you WW.
  10. Love2fish

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    I was not at all sure what a bago was or could be but I had hopes. I hoped everyone would be easy to get along with, kind and thoughtful towards each other, good listeners when it was time to listen and honest speakers when it was time to talk. I hoped there would be lots of easy smiles and a little space for tears. I hoped that when it was over I would feel like my family was a little bigger. Maybe a new brother or sister. I was not disappointed. That’s my droll Yankee way of saying that the bago was everything I hoped it would be. I am grateful for everyone who came. I am especially grateful for NG’s contributions in the snack and munchies department. You made me look so good that I almost feel like I have panache.
  11. Love2fish

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    I am recently informed we also have pastry, cheese & crackers, fruit, more eggs, peanut butter, coke & diet coke, bottled water.
  12. Love2fish

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    CW & WW, You will find basic condiments, butter, olive oil, etc. already there as well as bagels & cream cheese, english muffins, ham, peppers, etc.
  13. Love2fish

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    We picked up a few snacks today. Have not planned any meals but if anyone wants to cook that will be possible. Plenty of good restaurants close by or we can do takeout and eat at the condo. We will probably decide that as a group Saturday afternoon. BYOB at the condo. Maybe a walk on the Marginal Way in Ogunquit would be a fun way to spend the afternoon. Or the beach, or a woodsy walk through Laudholm Farm. The day should be mid 70s and 60s overnight.
  14. Love2fish

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    Anyone who is staying over should make sure I have your name. Please send me a private message if I don't already have it. I will give that to the office and they will issue you a keycard. The weather is going to be in our favor!
  15. Love2fish

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    Two week bump We still have semi private quarters for 2 or 3 ladies to overnight and lots more space for day visits.

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