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  1. Love2fish

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    You are not late Penny, september 16 would be late. 😉 i am happy you will be joining us.
  2. Love2fish

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    Friday night is Kareoke night at the Irish Pub about 1 mile north Mikes Clam Shack has a live singer - guitar player Ray Zerkle. About ½ mile south
  3. Love2fish

    Had to say goodbye to our "son"

    A trigger and a loss at the same time Fredrick. What a crappy twofer.
  4. I can’t add much to what the others have said Sc39. They are all wise and compassionate. I’d just like to thank you for mentioning trouble remembering him. I had the same symptom but I was so ashamed of it that I never told anyone. It felt like I was a bad husband. I no longer have that happen and I had forgotten it was ever an issue for me. Be well and continue to,visit here.
  5. Love2fish

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    We are in no danger of exceeding any limits. I am so happy that you are coming! we are meeting in a condo at Village by the Sea in Wells. I will PM you with the details.
  6. Love2fish

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    Yes there is. We might need a designated driver or we could get “take out” 🍺🍹🥃🥂🍷
  7. Love2fish

    Calendar Of The Heart

    Is it going to be August AGAIN? Why I don't wear Hawaiian shirts anymore. DW preferred them so I wore them because her eye became my eye. I think that when she left I retired the style out of respect. Maybe I'll dig one out in a couple weeks to remind me that it's August.
  8. Love2fish

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    Yes it is in Wells at a condo at Village By The Sea: www.Vbts.com People are coming from various directions. Let someone know via PM and we will do our best to help everyone get here that wants to be here. There is a commuter train from Boston and the station is just a few miles from the bago. If we have any other lurkers who might have questions but don’t wish to post here send me a private message and I will keep you in the loop.
  9. Love2fish

    A widower's doubt

    As a newly minted septuagenarian I can testify that nothing is the same. 😏 But it can be just as good and even better seasoned with a little more wisdom re the things that last. I met a widow when I was less than two months out. This lady was about my mothers age She gave me some precious council in the form of her Love story told to me over breakfast at the assisted living facility. . She was born into a comfortable life. Attended finishing school. Married for love, had a great family as well as a city home, a ranch with stables, and a sailing yacht. The family of four crewed the yacht themselves following the leaf change down the Maine coast in The autumns. It was a fairytale life. Until he died young and she thought it was over. Her kids kept after her for years to get back into life. She finally relented to accept a blind date with a widower. She took a breath from telling me the story before almost knocking me over with “Then things got really good!” She ended the “lesson” by telling me she had to hurry off to her bridge game. She and two of the other women were completely blind. The fourth had sight so she was the score keeper. “And we have a ball!, You can always choose to be happy” she wanted me to know.
  10. Love2fish

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    I would suggest also looking at Portsmouth airport, formerly known as Pease AFB. That is the closest of all and would be no problem for one of us to shoot down and pick you up in about an hours time. The problem is that there are not many flights available. If it has to be Boston then consider taking the bus from Logan to Portsmouth where we could pick you up easily. There is also a train, called the Northeaster from Boston but I have never taken it so I can’t comment on how convenient it is. Driving from here to Logan and back can kill ½ a day or more. Next best would be Portland which is about 45 minutes from the bago. Manchester is also a nice small airport that is easy to get in or out of but its about a 3 hour round trip. Maybe that would work if someone is coming from NH and wouldn’t mind picking you up.
  11. Love2fish

    Grief is still exhausting.....

    I agree about the randomness of dates but there is nothing random about needing a good break-down cry once in awhile. If you need it go for it. Saturday will be a new day. I hope it will be a good one for you RAM
  12. Love2fish

    It must be tough...

    We feel things so much more intensely after our loss. A minor bump can feel like a brick wall. I try to remember these lyrics, they help me remember that no harm was intended “just because I’m hurting doesn’t mean you did anything wrong”
  13. Love2fish

    What's Your Playlist?

    I love it. I’m going to start working on mine now. Thanks for the story!
  14. I agree with you T2B agreeing with Portside. It is indeed an energy thing. I would like to add that an introvert should not expect a tougher time. I say that as a lifelong introvert myself. I only grew out of it when I began dating and realized that I had come into my prime in many ways. I made mistakes but I learned a little each time. I am still an introvert and I am comfortable with that, but I also have a sweet lady to love me even when I need to be alone.
  15. Love2fish

    My Wedding Ring - Where Did It Go?

    Interesting to see how differently we each deal with these things. My wedding ring aint' coming off. It's ink

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