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There are worse things than death

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Anyone know how she's doing?  I can't get her out of my mind.  

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Hi Mizpah - I have not spoken directly with her for a while but, honestly, she is just fantastic. No kidding. I have never seen a person visited with such a monumental loss be so level-headed and energized to work a cause (eradication of domestic violence). She has made the decision to return to the home that the girls were murdered in and redo it and fill it with love and remembrance. She is in no way taking part of any denial, just simply has put her head down and will muscle through this heartbreak. 


She had a painting party last weekend and she and her friends completely painted the inside of the house. Kate is determined to not let this horrible occurrence take away the rest of her, or her son's lives. She is thriving and has taken steps to become an outspoken advocate of all (men and women) who are caught in the snare of violence and abuse. 


She has asked a number of the ball players of the Green Bay Packers to donate their autographs so that the money can be used to further the cause. I think they had a signing party today. 


I have known a number of tough guys and gals over the years but Kate is unstoppable.  I should be so strong. 


I won't go into the details of what happened but here are a number of links:






She has the heart and courage of a lion. 



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Mike, thanks for the update. Please keep us posted as you feel is it appropriate. 



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I has looked over this thread until now.  I am friends with this amazing woman on FB, and started seeing her posts about it; it took awhile for the magnitude of what had happened to sink in.  I kinda wanted to let people here know, but thought I was not necessarily going to do it well or be known to very many people these days - thanks, Mike, you did it well.  I see the faith, I see the cries of pain, and I can only imagine how it must be for them.  Lots of prayers for all.

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