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She's growing into him

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It will be seven years in October. Our DD just turned seven a couple weeks ago. She was just a baby. Now she's a kid. A little kid, but still a kid with a fully formed, if evolving, personality, who's just under a foot shorter than me. I feel like I'm seeing new physical characteristics and personality traits that she shares with her dad all the time. She's tall like him, but they also share the same frame, they have the same feet. They have so many of the same expressions. Just this weekend i noticed that she has developed this crease he had in his cheeks when he smiled. My BF takes a ton of pictures of us and there are so many where I've thought, wow, that is Dan, right there, in that expression, or that pose. They share many likes and dislikes. She wants music on all the time. They both dislike putting their clothes away more than any other chore. They both love pickles. They share the same expression when they're messing with you.


It's crazy to me to see this person who couldn't even sit upright when he died is so much like him now. In many ways, it feels like he died so, so long ago. So this sensation of almost like seeing him again in a way, it's jolting. I don't know how to describe it exactly, this deja vu, but it's so overwhelming I had to come here and post about it. 

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I have witnessed this myself with my two kids. One day I looked at my daughter and saw my husband. It was jolting and breathtaking at the same time. I am pleased they have inherited some of his qualities. I am 8 years in November. 

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@MrsDan, it must be so comforting for you? It is like you had a part of your husband back. Which you actually do. I am jealous of it in a way that I will never experience that feeling since Ken and I didn't get a chance to become parents. But I am happy for you and others in your position.

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I hear you Mrs Dan. My son is now 8- was 9mths when his dad died. He looks a lot like me but his traits/behaviors are heavily his father’s.  I wonder how it would be if he looked more like his father? We talk about his Dad a lot and my son wants to invent a time machine to go back and a save him. I’d give anything just anything for these two to meet at this point, even for 5 min. 

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Mine were 9 when he died, but barely remember him.... and there are days when I think he didn't die but split himself into these two wonderful kids we made. He's in my son's expressions, my daughter's attitudes, both their stupid jokes....

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