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Thanks to my fellow wids


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Was not sure where to put this, honestly, but this was the common category, so....


Thanks for your input and support with my first post LH relationship. Although it did not end how I wanted, I read through my posts here and your responses, and I know it is/was the right thing to end it and move forward. It was not easy but honestly, nothing like the level of losing my mate of 28 yrs. You gave me support, some straight up advice or critical observations I needed to read.  I am now 4 months out of that relationship and can say it is getting easier. I am letting go and becoming neutral to him, what I have hoped and prayed for. It was not healthy. Crazy how you can lose yourself, but thankfully, I was never truly lost forever.  Just had to be reminded of who I am.  On the eve eve of my sadiversary, I am thankful for my life with LH and stronger with the trials. 

Lots of love to my  cyber community.

PS. I do have IRL friends, and they are right there with you in the observations and support, now. 

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I hope you know all of my comments came from a place of love and support. We have ‘known’ eachother for years, and I just want you to be with a partner who appreciates and adores you. Or, if that is not to be, I want you to find love and contentment from within. Afterall, It’s much better to be peacefully alone than to feel engulfed by loneliness while coupled. 

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Im so thankful we are all here to support each other - we have been reading each other's stories (sometimes) for years. It is a place, even almost 8 years on, I come back to - to get support but also to support others. Tybec - honestly, good for you for recognizing that you can care about someone but when you aren't being treated as you want/need it is important to move forward. Break-ups are super tough (Ive been through one since being widowed and may be on the brink of another one) but you come out stronger on the other side, more sure about what you want. And, as you noted, it is NOTHING compared losing a partner/parent. Wishing you all the best,

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