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    1 February 2014
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  1. Callobg

    CPR class

    Same here. What if I did this or didn't do that? I miss you Latisha, my beautiful Wife. Another day closer to you my baby!
  2. Callobg

    Being Thankful

    That's very deep, thank you for sharing brother. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  3. Callobg

    Four years, next week

    Hang in there. My WIFE and I wedding anniversary is today and her bday is the 13th. I feel you sister... August does sucks!!
  4. Callobg

    Having a week

    Hang in there sisters! This life is something else. Be kind to yourselves, God knows we all deserve it.
  5. Callobg

    Welcome to the New Widda Website Blog

    Thank you all at the Support Team. This site (all versions) has been a life saver for me. V/r Calloway
  6. Callobg

    4 years ago...my post on YWBB

    Penny09, no other words needed! Thank you Maureen! God bless you. bgc
  7. Callobg


    Great post and poem! This widowhood freaking sucks. While watching the sunset today, I wanted to break down so bad and just cry because my Wife is not here to see the beautiful sunset. I hate this. Happy holidays everyone.
  8. Callobg

    Words (of Hope) from the Well

    This is so freaking beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Callobg


    At 3 yrs and 2 mths, non of my WIFE's stuff has been moved. No plan on moving any of it. I miss you Latisha.
  10. Callobg

    The guilt of rebuilding

    KrypticKat, you're not alone in feeling that way sister. My heart breaks often just thinking about my beautiful WIFE not being here. This life f@cking sucks. No advice, just wishing you peace my friend. V/r Calloway
  11. Callobg

    It IS OKAY

    Awesome article! Thank you for sharing.
  12. Callobg

    Spouse's Ashes

    Hello Missing, I keep half of my Wife's cremains on a night next to her side of our bed. The half of my Wife's cremains are with my MIL where she has a memorial set up. Sorry that you have to be here and peace to you. V/r Boris I miss and love you Latisha, my beautiful WIFE.
  13. Callobg

    6 months today? Can't stop crying

    Hang in there beth! Adley, great analogy! Peace to you both. With love.
  14. Callobg

    7 years, not forgotten....

    Hugs to you Ma'am.
  15. Callobg


    Great post. I'm sitting here crying because so many of the things that you wrote could have been written by me. I miss my Wife more and more with each passing day, 2 1/2 years later. Our wedding anniversary and her birthday were all last week. I did the linen, made the bed and didn't sleep in it until Monday night. I cooked a big meal and manicured the yard the way that she likes it because I feel that she's watching from another dimension! May be crazy to those that don't get it...I don't care because it got me through last week! Thanks again for a great post. Hugs, love, and sympathy to all of us wids. I love and miss you LSC.

Personal Information

  • Date Widowed
    1 February 2014
  • Cause of death

The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.


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