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3 things I did today

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I was a bit sad about how silent this has gotten , so I decided to bring up an old favorite :

Three things I did today 

1. I got up , yay for me :)

2. Meet with friends and family at a christmas fair , yes I know a bit early ..

3. I was able to get my house ready for winter , putting away lawn mowers and (ugh ) getting snow blowers out 

I am not going to lie these things are always hard, as this in the past ,this was never my job but as we all know we do our best 

Fell free to add anything that got you through the day 

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I like this

My three things are

1. I worked my 12 hr shift at the hospital

2. I successfully cooked a meal that my kids ate.

And ...

3. I only cried once. 


Come on guys...who is next???

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I got Thanksgiving grocery shopping done. 


I took a shower today. 


I made it to work! Lol! 

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Started holiday shopping with my daughter

Finalized Thanksgiving plans and dinner prep with my brother

Continued a purge of the den - paperwork & junk 


It has been quiet here.  At six years out, the grief is softer and getting through the day is a bit easier.  But the holidays seem to bring about some deep grief that I don't generally feel the rest of the year.  Thanks for the restarting this thread, donswife 

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Cut down an ash tree that was a challenge to my ability.

Reduced the tree to firewood size pieces.

Decided that my happy place this winter will involve trees and a chain saw.

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1. watched my 2 year old step-grandson (DH's daughter's son) - I'll be watching him most of this month to help my stepdaughter out since she started a new job today but doesn't have childcare until the new year. My kids are 16, so it was fun to have a toddler- but honestly I was working (&traveling) when mine were 2 so I rarely dealt with them all day by myself! (I went back to work when mine were 15 months old)

2. I got the call that DH's storage unit was officially closed out (he's been gone over 7 years and I finally got rid of everything in the unit, which was mostly his dad's stuff- yes, I was paying a small fortune to store the belongings of a man who died before I even met DH....)

3. I may have bought myself a few things for Christmas during the cyber monday sales. 😮

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1. Got my snowblowers  to work despite not test driving them before the 2 feet of snow 

2.I was proud of myself that I just didn’t stay in my comfy bed and ignore the storm but got up and got things done ! 

3.Actually ended up enjoy the snow after all the work was done. :) helps having a black lab that adores the snow 

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1. Got my snowshoes to work despite not having tested them for years.

2. Stomped around the front yard with the roof rake and cleared a few feet back at the eves.

3. Now wondering if I need another snowblower and how I would ever use more than one.

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