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Re: OK being alone, haven't recoupled and not seeking to recouple thread


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I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but I just feel like this thread is slowly losing it’s original intention. This is a thread that was set up exclusively for the people who are uninterested in having any sort of romantic relationship whatsoever. I just feel like all of us who are dating or in relationships should be posting our issues outside of this space.


(My closest widow friend has chosen not to date or re-couple, so I guess I’m feeling very protective of her here ❤️

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Bunny you are right.  My apologies as I look back thru the thread and saw my last post.  My post expressed my thoughts on the fact that I'm not dating anyone at the moment and the feelings that went along with that.  But not being in a relationship, yet still wondering if it will be down the road, is different from deliberately choosing not to date and recouple, and feeling secure with that choice.  Thanks for bringing this thread back to it's original intent.

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